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Step into the world of Jennifer Lamb, a Florida native whose journey transcends the boundaries of her hometown. In our interview, we chat with Jen about her experiences traveling the world and living in different cities. We delve into Jen's life outside of modelling, exploring her passion for travel and music, and her newfound love for Djing. Read the interview to discover her unique beauty hack, New Year's resolution, and travel bucket list!

Welcome to the INC fam Jen! You were incredible on today’s shoot! Is Bondi home for you, or have you lived in different places?

Hi hi hi!! Aw thanks💖 I was born and raised in Florida and have lived there my entire life! I have lived in different places the past two years thanks to my job. The catch is I only live in these cities for up to two months at a time! It allows me to have new experiences, explore different cultures, and test out the modeling scene!! I have lived in Sydney, Barcelona, London, Miami & next up is LA! Every single place I visited I absolutely loved.

Tell us about your modelling journey, how did you get started in the industry? Do you remember your first modelling job?

Long story short I was actually scouted on Facebook. From there I ended up going to Miami with my mom and Next Models Miami signed me Worldwide right then and there at age 14! And my first modeling job was a job for quinceanera dresses which was definitely very interesting and so much fun.

Beyond the world of modelling, how do you enjoy spending your free time? What does your ideal weekend look like?

I enjoy spending my free time by catching up with friends or family, maybe grabbing a bite to eat with them. I grew up in Florida so I’ve always been in love with being in the sun, always trying to spend time outside by going to the beach and catching some rays. A recent hobby I have actually picked up is DJing! So I’ve been spending lots of time practicing and downloading/ organizing my music. It’s really fun and I love to do that with my best friend! I’m also a huge fan of music festivals and concerts, so whenever I have the chance to have some fun, I do :) I love to go out and I’m a very extroverted person but I also really love my alone time, so I’ll spend some weekends at home alone being cozy!

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends can be overwhelming! Are there any go-to beauty products that you consider your absolute must-haves?

Honestly, I don’t think I really keep up with beauty trends, but I do have go-to products that I will always keep with me. I love putting fake freckles on my face! Sometimes I overdo it, but I just don’t care! I also love a pink blush… and actually more specifically it’s one I picked up while I was in Australia! It’s called Mecca Max (sorbet) it’s my go-to!

How do you prioritise health and wellness into your life? What is your favourite kind of movement and self-care practices?

Well I try to eat healthy! And I occasionally do work out, for example I do enjoy doing pilates and hot yoga. But I definitely don’t do it as much as I should. That’s going to be a goal for me this new year… to get into some sort of workout routine. I feel like I’m always distracted and on the move that I don’t have time to work out but in reality I just need to get my priorities straight. Health is wealth baby!

Your social media shows us you have travelled to some amazing destinations! Any favourite locations?

I love traveling. One of the main reasons I travel a lot is because both of my parents are flight attendants! Modeling and having the ability to travel because of my job I will always be grateful for. My top location that I’ve traveled to so far is actually one of my most recent trips, Bali, Indonesia. I mean WOW. Most stunning place ever… the beautiful cultures, people, food, and views…

Where is next on your travel bucket list?

Next on my travel bucket list is definitely New Zealand, I want to explore more of Australia as well because when I went I only stayed in Sydney. I also really want to go to Taiwan because I am half Taiwanese and the culture, and people intrigue me so much and I’d love to learn more about that country. My dad was actually born there and he is 100% Taiwanese! I have a never ending travel bucket list to be honest! I’m dying to go to different Asian countries such as Tokyo, Thailand, and Vietnam. I love tropical places as well so any place where I can bathe in the sun and just hang out in a bikini.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

I’d advise my 15 year old self to spend more time living in the moment, and way less time on social media. Also to smile more and stop taking life so seriously. When I was younger and something happened to me which may have upset me in the moment, I would literally think it was the end of the world. So maybe just don’t take things the wrong way, or don’t take things as seriously!

Today we shot swimwear from our Spring 24 Collection, if you had to choose a favourite piece, what would it be?

Ooooooo this is a hard question. I loved most of them but one that I just felt amazing in is the crochet chillies bikini. Absolutely obsessed with the mini chillis hanging off the side of the bottoms and the bright orange colors definitely makes a tan pop! Most important thing for me is a suit I feel confident and comfortable in, and that was the one:)


Last song you played on Spotify?
Good Life VIP Mix - Elderbrook

Last place you swam?
Wow this is embarrassing but if I’m being completely honest it would have to be Christmas Eve dinner I ended up jumping in fully clothed!

Last amazing meal you ate?
Ooooo definitely Sexy Fish in Miami, I had tuna Tataki! It was my first time there and was soooo delish!

Last shopping splurge?
I just recently bought a Zadig & Voltaire purse and a pair of shoes. Zadig has to be one of my favorite brands right now! I never really buy nice things for myself and that was probably one of the first times I did!

Last workout?
A hot yoga class

Last time you felt or saw love?
A minute ago when my boyfriend picked me up from the airport

Current obsession?
Definitely pearl or shell jewelry. Long pearl jewelry or even short. I’ve just been obsessed with the beachy, pinky, flowy vibe recently. Adding a few shells to a necklace can be fun as well!