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We were lucky enough to shoot with American model-on-the-rise Olivia Rodriguez for a second year in a row. Read our quick and candid interview where we discuss all things fitness, beauty & travel in Liv's world.

Liv! We are so happy to finally chat! You are currently killing it in the modelling world, congratulations! Can you tell us about your journey as a model and how you got started in the industry?

First of all, you’re so sweet 😭🥹

 I love It’s Now Cool and am so happy to be working with you guys for the past two summers and hopefully many more to come.

 I got started in the industry when I got scouted when I was 13 at a surfing competition (I wasn’t surfing, just watching lol). I signed with a small agency in San Diego, but my mom wouldn’t let me sign with an agency in LA and really start my career until I finished high school.

Your skin and makeup today are always flawless! Do you have a holy grail beauty product that you can't live without?

Oh my gosh that’s so nice. I am obsessed with the Caudalíe eye cream for puffiness and  I also love the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter, foundation for a natural glow.

Do you have any other interests or hobbies beyond modelling? What do you like to do in your down time?

I just finished my school! I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where I studied economics & accounting. I’ve always liked studying numbers so I am also an accountant along with modeling and would like to do something related to that full time when I’m done with modelling.

I also enjoy getting sunshine in any way. Whether that is going on long walks/ hikes, tanning or going to the beach I need it! 

We can see you've travelled to some stunning locations for photoshoots. What has been your favourite destination so far, and why?

Hmmmm that’s a hard one! I am so blessed to be able to travel for my job because it is my favorite thing in the world. I would say my favorite is probably my recent campaign in Brazil because I would not have received the same experience if I was not there for work. I got to work with a full Brazilian team and they showed me all the best local spots/ food. They hosted me in their country with such care and good energy it really made the trip. On top of that, everything I saw was breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t wait to go back.

Any travel destinations left on the bucket list?

I have not been to St. Barths and am dying to go!

Self-care is so important, especially in the modelling industry! Do you manage to practise and prioritise self-care into your busy schedule? If so, how?

Yes of course! I don’t drink on the weekdays in case I have a last minute job. I also workout 3 times a week and sauna / cold plunge once a week. I will make sure to do this on the days I’m not booked for work as my health is my first priority! If I’m working everyday, then I will go after work!

You seem to be very dedicated to healthy living and fitness! Have you found an exercise routine that works best for you? Do you have any secret fitness or workout hacks you are willing to spill with us - your body is immaculate!

Thank you so much!!! My favorite workout is Pilates because I love how it makes my muscles long and lean. I also love walking for longer legs. I also like to do heated floor pilates to sweat out any toxins.

What advice would you give to aspiring models who are just starting their journey in the industry?

I would recommend to do as many test shoots as possible! The more you shoot the better you know your lighting, angles and favorite poses. It is important to feel confident in front of the camera in order to produce good pics! Energy really comes through in photos.

Here at INC we are currently in our Cool Girl Era! What Era would you say you're in?

I’m in Pilates girl era! I can’t get enough of going to Pilates. The routine of it, the way it makes me feel, and the clothing aesthetic are all so my vibe.

Today we shot our Resort 24 Collection, you looked incredible in every style, if you had to pick, which was your favourite look shot from today?

Obsessed with the white bikini with the neon lining, (The 90's Duo Crop & Pant in Malibu.) Anything that has a perfect cut and makes me look tan in a huge fan of!


Last song you played on Spotify?
Embarrassed by Travis Scott. The best!

Last place you swam?
Have not swam in a minute it’s been so cold in LA:( But the last place I can remember is in Mallorca for a swim campaign shot in September!

Last amazing meal you ate?
Erewhon hot bar just now for dinner- I get the chicken tenders and buffalo cauliflower. It’s sooooo amazing please try if you are ever in LA.

Last shopping splurge?
I bought myself vintage Chanel earrings!

Last workout?
Pilates at the Alo gym

Last time you felt or saw love?
Just now- currently in the beginning stages of a relationship! So happy to feel this way during the holidays.

Current obsession?
Goop kitchen spicy Caesar salad