NEW It's Now Cool x Elle Ferguson Contour Swimwear Collection is here! A beautiful new palette, an amazing new texture, new perfectly designed contouring features and all the fit engineering and attention to detail you know and love! Created by the incomparable Elle Ferguson along side It's Now Cool Founder Josie Clough. Read more about the magic they created below!

It's Now Cool x Elle Ferguson Contour Swimwear Collection #2 has landed!

All the shapes you love with NEW features you need! Designed with perfecting the wear feeling on YOU in mind!

We chat with Elle about all the new features she loves, styling vibes and her must have pieces.

It all started for me with The Contour High Waist Pant, once you feel how amazing these pants feel on you will understand why the range just keeps selling out. The way these pants are made from the compression lycra and the way the waist band feels on the body you won’t know how to ever wear other pants! 

1. The new colour palette is amazing and so flattering on, what was the inspiration behind Rust, Blush & Truffle? Elle: So, with the contour collection Josie and I are always looking at tones and shades that are new and updated but are also the most complementary to your shape. For example Rust, Blush and Truffle would be the updates of Khaki, White and Black from Drop One. The new colour options offer you the same confidence as those classic colours however they feel new and fresh. The best part is you can mix your fav shapes form Drop One with the new colours that are launching now. We also ALWAYS look for shades that look amazing both wet and dry.

2. The White Lime pieces are the first in the #itsnowcoolxellefurguson Contour Swimwear Collection to have a texture fabric which is a super flexible but holding rib. What do you love about this new addition? Elle: I love that we have found a textured fabric that holds you in and doesn’t add bulk. Traditionally with textured fabric you can feel almost like you are wearing an extra layer but this unique fabric is so flexible and contouring it feels amazing on the skin. I'm also excited that we were able to add the black piping to the short and the crop that acts as an optical illusion. Your eye is drawn to this vertical line lengthening your silhouette. 

3. The styling of the White Lime is super sporty with the contrast piping, where did this vibe come from and how do you see yourself wearing it with an Elle twist? Elle: like all the pieces in this collab the vibe came form both Josie and I wanting a fresh white set that we could comfortably wear at the beach (without it going see through or riding up). I cannot wait to wear this set with an oversized white mens shirt unbutton over the top with Chanel Dad sandals… 

4. THE PRINT!!!! how excitement..The first print to feature in the #itsnowcoolxellefurguson Contour Swimwear Collection is the awesome Safari Pink, which is a leopard that features the most perfect pop of bright pink in the stitching. Was the print a no brainer for you, are you a "leopard is a neutral" kinda babe? Elle: I sure am!!! I literally just did this interview with Dior saying ‘100% leopard is a neutral’. We worked really hard to ensure that this leopard was unique to our range. It's an update on your traditional leopard and the neon pink just makes your bod POP when wearing it.

5. There are some amazing new contouring features, especially in the ah-may-zing new shape, The Outline One Piece. Tell us about this paneling and it's flattering magic? Elle: Drawing inspiration from traditional contouring garments we noticed a lot of the pieces had corsetry around the waist of the garment. Josie and I then worked on updating this and turning it into comfortable swim without any boning. This was done by our fabrication and ensuring you had that support through the middle. This is definitely a shape you need to see to believe the cut is so flattering on all shapes and its so comfortable, which I never thought I could say about something that is so contouring.

6. The #itsnowcoolxellefurguson Contour Swimwear Collection is designed with 3 functions in mind: Swimwear, Activewear & Shapewear which is what saw the first collection not only sell out but have 3 restocks and counting! What have you found to be the best features of your now favourite pieces? Elle: Firstly I think it's just how good they make you feel. It's been a very long time since I’ve felt so confident at the beach in my swim and that is exactly what this range does. The non slip binding on all the edges actually does what it says its going to do,, meaning it doesn’t creep up your bottom or cut you in. Also the shapes are so considered on a womens body ensuring that the arm hole is cut at the exact point that flatters and doesn’t give you back fat (I mean we all have it).

7. What are some of the new pieces you'll style into night vibe look? Or style in a way maybe not so obvious at first glance? Elle: The contour bikini top in Safari I am obsessed with and cannot wait to wear it under a sheer shirt or blazer. I’m also super excited for the Rust one piece ill be wearing as a body suit. It's the update of the nude from last season... LOVE!!

8. What shapes would you say are the absolute MUST haves for anyone starting their #itsnowcoolxellefurguson Contour Swimwear collection? I mean once you buy one piece you'll want it all, but where would you advise to start..? Elle: It all started for me with The Contour High Waist Pant, once you feel how amazing these pants feel on you will understand why the range just keeps selling out. The way these pants are made from the compression lycra and the way the waist band feels on the body you won’t know how to ever wear other pants!

9. We love how the palette really works together for mix and matching - which pieces do you love to mix together with this range? Elle: The blush and safari I am OBSESSED with!

10. Lastly, the obvious question! What's your favourite piece in the new collection and why? Elle: aaaaaaah thats so hard…. I can always tell when I shoot the pieces that (Elle's boyfriend) Joel loves and when I put the Rust Bikini on he couldn’t stop telling me how amazing I looked… So I’m going to go with Joel and say the Rust Bikini pant and bra!


Last song you played on Spotify?

Dancing in the dark - Bruce Springsteen

Last place you swam?

Scarborough beach

Last amazing meal you ate?

Ramen in Vic Park

Last shopping splurge?

Pink Jacquemus bag for my birthday

Last workout?

Before I came to London, pretty sure it was a leg session

Last time you felt or saw love?

My parents, always

Last time you felt super inspired?

Walking through Camden Markets