We are beyond excited to see Anna rock the new INC styles … a global model with a style factor that is Off The Charts. Her natural eye for detail & her ability to set a distinct mood with one look, one shot, is unique to say the least. This charmer is the complete package. A trained ballet dancer since the age of 7, her graceful ways are built into her bones. Speaking of bones? Yikes! Have you seen the bone structure on this beauty?! To learn about her day-to-day life, her muses & go-to beauty buys… check her our below. Anna … the floor is yours!

“Embrace the now” … the wonderfully wise words from the divine Anna Miller @akmillerofficial. And she couldn’t be more right? 2020 has been one of the most bizarre years yet for a colourful list of reasons. As we approach the festive season however, it’s time to shred the angst & celebrate as if it’s our last chance. Why? Because life is too short & too precious to waste. Hanging out with spirited folk like Anna needs to be the goal. They simply make life all the better

When working in this business, you’re automatically exposed to a lot of peoples opinions about yourself, and that’s just the nature of it.

What I feel proud of, is learning how to not allow for those opinions affect how I feel about myself and loving myself simply for who I am. - Anna Miller.

Anna, welcome to INC! We are so happy to be chatting with you! Tell us, whats the plans for Christmas & the festive season! Any annual traditions?

Thanks for having me! It will be my first Christmas in Australia since me & my family left to Poland when I was about 5 so I will be spending it with friends this year. Otherwise, I would celebrate it with all my family starting off with a big traditional polish Christmas dinner on the 24th. It usually consist of 12 different dishes like mushroom filled dumplings, borsch, baked carp..

It's the most delicious part of the year ... so many naughty but yummy foods everywhere we go! How do you monitor your diet & stay fit during the festive season?

Honestly, I think it’s all about keeping a balance but enjoying yourself :)

The US, Italy, Australia, UK .... you have global representation. Can you remember how old you where when you were first signed by an international agency. What did that feel like?!

I was about 16 when I was signed by Premier in London, it felt surreal

Are you still dancing? What began first, ballet or modelling? And do the two roles share any similarities?

Yes, I do! But rather than training 4 hours a day like I used to while in ballet school, now I take classes here and there just for the pleasure of it.

I started dancing when I was about 7, modeling came much later.. I think the two share a lot of similarities as in both, body awareness and conscious movement are really important.

Walk us through that head of hair. It is SO gorgeous Anna! How do you maintain those glorious, bouncy curls! Any top products?

Thank you! (And thank you dad !) I used to get teased about my hair when I was a kid so I used to straighten it. Over the years I learnt to embrace what’s different about my looks and fully own it.

I think coconut oil is my hairs best friend :) For styling, I like to use Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream or, if there is more moisture in the air, DevaCurl Styling Cream. If I’m out of those products, a dip in the ocean will just do!

And your divine skin? What products are you using & loving for your daily skincare routine?

My all time favorites are: SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum and Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 These products are incredible but I’m a firm believer that good skin starts from within so: clean diet, drinking lots of water and never sleeping with makeup on are some skin rules that I stick to.

Has a makeup artist on a job ever offered a piece of memorable advice regarding make up application or skincare, that you keep in mind or share with others still to this day?

Oh yes! Starting with quality skincare that works for your skin is rule #1. #2: If you spend time prepping your skin before makeup application, you’ll be able to use less products and your skin will look more radiant and good under any light. Also, using a gua sha tool (after skincare and before makeup) helps with morning puffiness and increases the skincare absorption.

Anna it has to be said, your cheekbones are dynamite!! They remind me of the stunning Erin Wasson! Over the years of working in a business that focuses on appearance - what have you truely come to love about yourself & feel really proud of?

Thank you very much! When working in this business, you’re automatically exposed to a lot of peoples opinions about yourself, and that’s just the nature of it. What I feel proud of, is learning how to not allow for those opinions affect how I feel about myself and loving myself simply for who I am.

2020 has been a crazy year ... with so many ups & horrible downs. What are you planning for 2021?! Tell us your goals!

One of them is starting a Wildlife show that focuses on birds, their diversity & huge role in keeping healthy ecosystems.

Birds are usually a good indicator of a healthy ecosystem so building a story and successfully spreading awareness of what’s flying around and how it affects us, would be a big one.

Your Instagram account, @akmillerofficial is so addictive to skim through! You have a beautiful eye for style, colour, shape. Where does this more artsy side of you come?

Thank you very much! Living for a good while in such a diverse city like New York has definitely educated my eye and inspired me on many levels.

I love looking at old school photography books and exploring museums and galleries (which are great for training your eye for shapes and composition). I also draw a lot of inspiration, especially for colors and textures, from nature.

I noticed some passionate posts regarding International Women Day, the Global Warming and Climate Change strikes. When it comes to motivating people to get behind an important cause, other than attending strikes - how do you use your profile to push for change & action?

I use my profile to raise awareness and understanding through visual imagery, I believe awareness & understanding of the issues are the first steps that lead to action. I voice what I believe in and hope to lead by example.

If there was a day in your life you could go back to ... what would that day be?

I try not to live in the past but embrace the now.


Best book, Podcast & series of 2020?

Currently obsessed with the series “Raised By Wolves”

5 things always in your fridge or pantry? Oats, bananas, avos, almonds, oat milk

You never catch a flight without ___ in your bag? My camera

5 products currently in your make up bag?

Hourglass hidden corrective concealer, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick, Bite agave lip mask, Milk Makeup KUSH Waterproof­ Mascara, Fenty Beauty brow wax pencil

Best & most effective workouts styles of 2020 have been? Daily yoga practice

The gift you are definitely giving someone this Christmas ... A wing for a wing foil board

The gift you're hoping to receive?

ABCD for diving

Around the world, your favourite places to have A) a lazy Sunday brunch B) a cocktail with your girlfriends and; C) a romantic date?

A) Hole in the Wall Cafe in NYC B) Dumbo House in Brooklyn

When you wake up in a bad mood, the quickest way out of it is to ...

Meditate and take a cold shower

You feel most at home when you are with

My family